© Terri Blanke


Bred to Angus bulls, we’ve hauled the rest of our third-calf cows up the hill, this time into Greasy. These girls have had three Wagyu X calves down low along the creek and close to the barns and house. Part of our contract with Snake River Farms requires Electronic Identification (EID) Tags and a second round of respiratory and clostridial vaccinations two weeks prior to shipping when we wean the calves from the cows. Because of these requirements, and because the heifers are young, we keep them close to the corrals for the extra processing.
It’s always special to turn them out into our upper country where we hope they’ll be productive as they live out the rest of their lives.

Lots of early mornings and saddlings in the dark for our fine crew as we near the end of a busy two months of gathering, weaning and preg-checking. We’ll be able to relax a little after we process and vaccinate this year’s replacement heifers for brucellosis on Tuesday. All good!


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