‘Losing Ground’



                                                          “Losing Ground”


8 responses to “‘Losing Ground’

  1. harlanpawn@aol.com

    John – Outstanding!  You have a great “radio” voice.  Can’t wait to see the complete documentary.  Bill

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  2. Evelynne Matsumoto

    Thank you; I read about the issue in David Mas Masumoto’s books re: family farms too-

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  3. Shirley Kirkpatrick

    Wonderful! We need to hear your voice and the many others speaking out on this issue. Almost makes me want to get “back in the saddle again” as an in-your-face-advocate against policies and actions that lead to the destruction of more farmland.

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  4. Wonderful and an important issue. I was not aware of the scale of the loss.
    Was that your poem at the end?


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