Book Remarks: How to Cuss in Western



via Book Remarks: How to Cuss in Western


5 responses to “Book Remarks: How to Cuss in Western

  1. For those who read this excellent review of what I am sure is an excellent book (I’ll read it!), I’d like to point out that lions were never predators on wild or feral horses. Lions are native. Horses are not. We have both wild horses and mountain lions on our ranch, and they do not share habitat. Saying that more lions-or wolves–would reduce the overpopulation of horses is just another feel-good solution. Too many horses on the landscape is a human construct. Humans have to solve the problem.

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  2. Thanks for the hint of this book, John; took myself over to Amazon and ordered this and another to tickle my fancy. In this day and age, anything that lifts us out of the muck and mire is to be treasured……..


  3. You nailed it, John; a few lions prowling some of these former ranches now turned into development land would cut down on the teen-agers riding ATVs all over my pasture, as well as the shorts-wearing folks with the new straw hats who like to think of themselves as ranchers. Mountain lions aren’t a normal feature of my grassland neighborhood either–but I saw one a few years ago well east of my place, between the Black Hills and the Badlands. I figured it for a traveling youngster but the sight sure sharpened my senses and made my horse’s ears stand up! I figure having a few such sightings would inspire the hobby ranchers to study their habitat a bit more closely.

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