Clear skies after three weeks of smoke trapped in the San Joaquin Valley from the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite, one of seventeen fires being fought in California in 100+ degree temperatures. Unfortunately, the winds that cleared the Valley also fed the fires. The Mendocino Complex, the Ranch Fire and the River Fire, nearly doubled in size over the weekend, 266,000 acres that is only 33% contained and has become the fourth largest in State history.

Overlooked by the pundits and politicians are the lasting impacts of our four-year drought (2013-2016) that will provide fuel for years to come. But for the moment, blue skies.


3 responses to “Finally

  1. So glad it’s cleared in your valley. We still have heavy smoke in Carson Valley and near triple digits all week. Even smoky at Tahoe. Tough on humans and animals.

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    • Yes, and I suspect that as the weather warms up again, 103 yesterday and a pleasant 60 degrees this a.m., we’ll be back in the smoke again with another 60+ days of fire season remaining. Wildfires seem the norm in California.


  2. Yeh but……..the President knows.


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