A fruitless exercise, I assess the scales of justice
teetering in my head, the sensitivity of the beam
like a perpetual motion machine connecting dozens

of other juggling acts dependent upon one another
for balance—not like drafts of cattle weighed
to be paid for, no easy answer with a number.

Inside the dark cavern of my skull, a three-ring
circus juggling facts and intuition with the low
and silent grace of a Red Tail on the kill,

with poetic conversations with the gods and all
my angry rants at play—I am prejudice, too long
reading bovine thoughts and equine attitudes

to ignore what I see beyond the hard evidence.
Well out of the mainstream, far from the current
innocence, I am biased and about half-deaf.


6 responses to “SUMMONS

  1. Good morning John; Our system depends on citizens like you and me doing their duty to the best of their abilities. We are proud of you being considered/selected for this duty. March onward, keep your feet moving and the thinking side, not the reactive side, of your brain working. We know the best efforts will be expended. Or already have been.

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  2. Excellent — and oh so true. Sitting through the “word games” and manipulation is enough to make one “nuts” .. .



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  3. Just a hop, skip and a jump. Surely the $5 will cover gas. snark

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  4. Evelynne Matsumoto

    Currently there are three attorneys in my family-judge, prosecutor, appellate. They tell me I would never be picked to serve on a jury (in California) because of my views. So far it has been true.

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  5. You mean they no longer just hang horse`thieves out there in the wild`west? Remember: that guy could have been you or me!

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  6. Hey, John. You can plead deafness and be removed from the list forever!

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