Photo: Terri Blanke

Photo: Terri Drewry


In a world tall with grasses,
wild oats and rosy thatches
of dry filaree, we seldom see

our feet upon the earth.
In frequented places
like water troughs and barns,

like vegetable gardens
saving trips to town,
we are prejudiced—

react without a thought
against a race of snakes
that want no trouble

to claim the space
in which we travel
with a shovel.

                                    for Terri

One response to “RACISTS

  1. Once while out hunting quail I walked by a sage brush that growled at me. After 10-15 mins of searching through the thick brush, it turned out to be a large rattler. I’ve never heard such a noise and thought sure it must be a mammal of some kind. From the sound a badger wouldn’t have surprised me.
    I tried to catch one once at Hat Creek (sleeping on the other side of a small log I was about to step over, and was amazed by how fast they are as it got away.
    That is an interest shovel handle. .


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