A Chance for Spring




Ten days ago, I was bemoaning a warm and dry February and the prospect of weaning calves two months early. But within that time we have received over two inches of rain that has rescued our spring grass. Already our south slopes have recovered. To vacillate between the anxiety and dread of another tough year and our current relaxed gratefulness, in such a short time, might be alarming if this canyon didn’t look so good—it’s that overwhelming. And it’s not that we haven’t gotten rain this season, we’re above average, but with over half of the days in February above 70 degrees, the ground was dry and the grass was heading out.

Yesterday we went up to the Paregien Ranch to check the rain gauge, (2.27”), check the cattle and put out salt and mineral supplement, also taking a shovel and chain saw just in case. Cows looking great, it’s hard to believe that these same calves have grown so much since we branded three months ago. The time has flown. With more forecast for the end of the week, it seems El Niño is back on track and we have a chance for spring.


7 responses to “A Chance for Spring

  1. Caleb Pennebaker

    I’m glad to see your cattle look so good but I don’t recall ever seeing them not look good.

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    • Our prospects didn’t look so good two weeks ago, but we got rain in time. The cattle at the higher elevations have held their own and doing well, but the south slopes were turning fast.

      I’m especially glad to see so many nice heifer calves, this one from a Vintage bull, when we need a bunch to start rebuilding our cow herd. Good to hear from you in OK.


  2. It’s good that you got that much rain these past few months. Do you many flowers (poppies) on the hillside around you?


    • The poppies were showing pretty well until they got hammered a little by the the last rain. They ought to come back. Meanwhile, the other wildflowers are catching up. With the rains and warmer temperatures, I ought to have some good pictures in a couple of weeks.


  3. Peter Notehelfer

    Simply fascinating to keep track of your life on the ranch. Thank you so much for taking me along . . .

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  4. Rich & Shelby Hewitt

    How fast things can change. You have some mighty fine looking beef, John.


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