Earl McKee Photos: Greasy Creek Branding II


February 10, 2016, 75°, big calves, great crew. Thank you, Earl!


5 responses to “Earl McKee Photos: Greasy Creek Branding II

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Yippee kai yai yeah!

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  2. How is it decided who does what job? Obviously there can only be so many dong the roping. Newer ones need practice to get better at it. Then there is castration.

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    • Generally we split the ropers up into two groups. When not roping, the younger men work the ground, throw calves, change ropes. In our case, the women run the syringes, put on the ear tags. Someone is assigned to brand, someone to castrate, etc. We’re pretty efficient, the calves spend less than a minute on the ground. Nothing to it!


  3. ” Nothing to it” Humble words of a pro


  4. John, thanks for sharing. Really great photos catching the rope in action. Good ropers can handle calves quickly and with minimal stress.
    Rich H.


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