Crown on ice
waiting for a rain
in a water glass

for me and this
yellow pad
to storm black ink,

prolong spring
with fresh metaphors
for resilience.


5 responses to “BLACK INK

  1. Amazing shot

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    • As an afterthought, I got the camera to catch the rainbow just before dark, not thinking any of the shots would be anything special. Imagine my surprise with lavender skies when I downloaded them this morning. One of the great things about digital cameras, lots of shots and no film wasted.

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  2. As it almost appears in the photo, the Crown with a rain back, yellow pad and pen, are a launching pad for even more beauty

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    • Truthfully Richard, I was a bit disappointed with the approaching storm before dark last night, and thought I’d write a little before it got here. Didn’t really rain until well after dark, 0.44″ will help.


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