Early Poppies




After four days in the 70s, 10 degrees above average, the wildflowers are popping everywhere. These across the creek from the house may be only the beginning, white popcorn flowers following suit. Stay tuned.


5 responses to “Early Poppies

  1. Waiting for our share of wildflower here in AZ. So far only a handful.


  2. Wow!…but can you build a snowman with them?


  3. Very nice. I’m in Lancaster, CA right now and will be here a month. I’m hoping that the huge poppy bloom they have here will also be in bloom before leaving March 10.


  4. @ allentimphotos2
    I hope they are out for you. They are fantastic. If you can go up to Gorman and see all the different purple pin cushions etc and yellows with poppies mixed in.


  5. Peter Notehelfer

    I do love the California poppies . . .


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