Sabbath Branding




Rain has been the recurring forecast with measureable amounts on over half of the last thirty days, pleasant and needed relief from four years of drought. Picking a day to brand is tricky business, usually requiring a day or two before to gather the cows and calves off steep, slick hillsides. Putting a crew of neighbors together to help often conflicts with their own branding schedules. Then the planning of a meal, perishables hanging in limbo to feed friends afterwards, keeps us tuned to the TV and several weather Internet sites for a composite report to insure we won’t be rained out before we go for it. But no one complains. Robbin jokes that when the call goes out, “We’re having a picnic, bring your horse.”

Yesterday’s approaching storm cloaked the canyon in soft ethereal gray, muted morning light where it narrows four miles above us at the Buzzard Roost Fire Control Road, corrals deep within its walls of almost-iridescent green, large ghostlike patches of naked Buckeyes on the north slopes, surrounded by skeletons of leafless Blue Oaks, some dead, some alive.

A perfect day for us to help Steve and Jody Fuller brand, I’m told that everything goes with green and gray.



Weekly Photo Challenge: “Alphabet”


5 responses to “Sabbath Branding

  1. John, well done image and the story that goes with it is compelling. One of the best interpretations of this week’s photo challenge.


  2. ” everything goes with green and gray.” Chaps and spurs complete the outfit.
    I see you have the photo enlargement thing fixed. Better than ever!


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