Long on promises, she moves closer,
a slow seductive dance lightly touching,
barely brushing the roof before she leaves

in the dark. I am too old to chase
blindly, and wait instead for words
to fall upon the page when she returns—

or not. I believe she means business.
How she loves to tease the be-Jesus
right out of me. It makes her feel good

too see me uncomfortable, vulnerable
to her every gesture, the stormy look
of these hills wrapped in gray gossamer

dawn waits to unfold at first light
if I’m lucky—if I’m patient enough
to let her have her way with me.


2 responses to “EL NIÑO FOREPLAY

  1. Even in discouragement you nurture us. You can take the rain out of a ranch, but you can’t take the poet out of a cowboy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a heckuva delicious read!


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