Belle Point Bunch Branding














A beautiful day to brand some nice calves with the help of good neighbors.

11 responses to “Belle Point Bunch Branding

  1. amazingly wonderful photos!

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  2. Look at the GREEN hills! Such a happy sight!

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  3. Those photos! What richness. I especially love that first one that came to life when I enlarged it.

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  4. Peter Notehelfer

    I saw a sky blue like that one day in Seattle a few years ago, but it was an aberration . . . I can smell that branding iron again . . . Wow!

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    • Miraculous, from dust to green with well-timed rains, blue skies and grins from ear to ear trying get our cattle worked between storms on days like this one. We ride the extremes.


  5. OH beautiful green…
    Can’t wait to be there with you!
    BIG love.

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