Vanity is absence.

                                       – Wendell Berry (“Praise”)



Within the unfolding
              Be here!
among waves of leaves
shed like rain
for a moment
of poetry—

somewhere other than
distant histories
and posed reflections.

              Be here!

to witness miracles
while the mundane dance
within the grace

of animated metaphors
in the half-light
of dusk and dawn.

              Be here!

on our knees
bringing life
with gentle breath
to dry twigs
upon dying coals—
to shadows melting
around our fire.


13 responses to “BE HERE!

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Most Excellent!

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  2. Living in the moment is so important. Thanks for the reminder, John, and have a lovely Saturday


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  3. The repeating exhortation “Be here!” feels so happy. I love the placement all by itself because it jumps out at me, urgently, demanding, insistent. What a treat of a poem and it goes so perfectly with the photo and the fleeting nature of sunrise and sunset and life, too like “shadows melting around our fire.”

    Still puzzling over the “Vanity is absence” quote.


    • I think Berry’s saying that when we’re being vain, we’re not here in the moment, but elsewhere.

      Here’s Wendell Berry’s poem PRAISE

      Don’t think about it.
      Vanity is absence.
      Be here. Here
      is the root and stem
      on whose life
      your life depends.

      Be here
      like the water
      of the hill
      that fills each
      opening it
      comes to, to leave
      with a sound
      that is part
      of local speech.


  4. Truly we miss it all, the rain of leaves and twigs and everything else if we are not present. Beautiful poem, John.

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