State of the Sierras (2)




Correcting yesterday’s post, Sawtooth Peak: far right, Castle Rocks: middle, Case Mountain: almost bare.

It’s a shame that we can no longer click to enlarge the photos. When I get time, I’ll investigate as to whether this a WordPress or Coraline theme issue.


8 responses to “State of the Sierras (2)

  1. John, I just visited another site I follow and clicked on a photo there. It enlarged, so perhaps it’s something from your end.



  2. I was able to click on your pic and enlarge (in my phone) so maybe you’ve fixed it now? Anyway, wonderful shot of the mountains.


  3. Somehow one of your settings got changed on how you save pics from your camera to you PC, or upload them ie, jpeg instead of RAW? Bet it’s FB’s fault. ;o)


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