They kinda put themselves out.
                                             – Art Tarbell

All the barbed wire,
tight fences, gates
and management plans

sag under the weight
of errant bulls.
It’s in the air

come December:
canyon bellows
dusk and dawn.

Latest genetic
work assignments
on paper only.


Any notion we may have had about putting our bulls out two weeks later is coming undone, under pressure of habit. A building crescendo of primal bellows in the canyon for the past three weeks has grown from chuckles to fixing fence and relocating errant bulls. Rather than fight nature and fix fence we’ve acquiesced to putting some bulls out now with the cows.

Two weeks ago one of our young bulls found the neighbor’s virgin heifers waiting for a Wagyu bull arriving mid-December. Rather then fix fence twice, we put him with some cows across the road. Monday, one of our older bulls crawled through two fences to find some cows and calves. We removed him and the temptation for the other bulls to another pasture. He then found our virgin heifers waiting for a Wagyu bull, mid-December.

Far from heifers, we put four older bulls out yesterday, four more today. What’s a couple of weeks, anyway?


4 responses to “BULLS

  1. John – Remember what EJ said, “What can’t be helped must be endured.” So maybe nature is telling you that the season will be a little earlier this year. He would be proud of you.
    Hugs to you and Robbin.


  2. A couple of weeks isn’t such a bad thing. The wrong bull is an entirely different kettle of fish.


    • All the older bulls are now at work in our higher country. We’ll still wait to put the rest of the bulls out until mid-December for our heifers and younger cows down low. Change is slower on the ground than it is on paper.


  3. PS. Those cows look pretty interested.


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