— I’ll get there and back
                         and just for a second
                         maybe play.
                                 – Gary Snyder (“Sunday”)

The wood desk waits
beneath the bound
and unbound scraps

of poetry,
manila folders stacked
beneath unopened mail—

the ash and dust
of years anticipate
an inside job.

Shop repairs
count passing storm fronts
upon the roof,

want to work,
to be useful
after a rainy day.

So much saved,
all beckoning
can wait.

First, we must graze
these green grass hills—
maybe play.


6 responses to “RAINY DAY

  1. And all that work doesn’t make the grass green–so enjoy!

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  2. John, happy Thanksgiving and may God grant you the gift of rain to keep those hills green.


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  3. Is there a sweeter smell than wet green? Perhaps turkey in the oven? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s,John

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