This is the rock
you claimed last winter
beside the dusty road I traveled
with bales of hay—
your hole, your home

though I may own it
and all the ground around
the living wage you make
of bugs, beetles and mice.
This is your rock.



Burrowing Owl


9 responses to “THE BURROWING OWL

  1. Very nice discovery and the poem that goes with the image.

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  2. Cute little guy and lovely poem, John.


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    • I suspect we’ll be friends for awhile, but I wonder where the rest of his/her crew is? I hate to think he/she’s all alone. According to Wiki the males are apt to be alone when not courting a couple of wives.


  3. It’s the alone time of year.

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  4. LOVE IT!!!! I see them here along the bay….

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  5. I enlarged it ’til I only had the head in the screen and it was still as sharp as could be. Those eyes had you pegged.

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