No longer children
chasing rainbows,
we want to believe

the drought is over—
look to the mountains
to shield our souls

from insistent cities
and a world at war.
Like native Yokuts

we want to believe
the ground can hold us
before we leave.



A trace of rain up-canyon yesterday afternoon as I looked up from my desk, inside after an 1.5” of rain, sorting poetry for another collection—working title: “The Best of the Dry Years”, 2013, 2014, 2015. A formidable task, like sorting 90 head from 900, it will take many more rainy days to complete.

The photo has that postcard-look of not quite real, a reminder of what a little rain can bring. Yet, I harbor some skepticism, not ready to say the drought is over, to set ourselves up for disappointment. But it sure feels good, nonetheless.


Weekly Photo Challenge(3): “Treat”


9 responses to “POT OF GOLD

  1. Beautiful photo, John. We’re all so full of hope!

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    A splendid reminder of the promise of the first recorded rainbow: ‘I have hung my bow in the heavens as a sign . . . Never again will I destroy the earth with a flood [or a drought] . . .” – Genesis . . .

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  3. You’ll probably need a couple of good years before you can say the drought is over. But that’s life on the land.

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  4. I pray it is over.

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