First sign of a convoy at dawn
scout the sky eastward, small raft
of red on blue, I photograph

a promise of rain—then check
the Internet to bolster old saws
for shepherds and sailors

at the mercy of fickle gods
of weather and wonder
if our lover has returned—

how long will she stay?
Kindling split, we will be warm,
ignite the fire, cut wood and

carry ashes out until spring.
We are ready and prepared
to say goodbye to drought.


3 responses to “ARMADA ROUGE

  1. John-
    It IS good when the rains come. Although our drought conditions pale in comparison to what you have endured… the rains felt wonderful when they came and will come.

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  2. We woke up to heavy rain here in Brentwood this morning, John, and it lasted until around 9:30 or so. I sure hope it made it to you guys!

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