Present and Accounted For




It’s been hard for me to accept that I’ve worn my body out, always able to do any job on the ranch, feeling secure with the strength of my arms, back and legs. I’ve been lucky, but my knees, among other things, are gone. In the past 45 years, I’ve probably handled, loaded and fed, 15,000 tons of hay with Robbin’s help, but looking back, it was the 500 tons in 2013 that did the real damage.

It’s been a blessing having Lee Loverin and Terri Blanke feed for the past two seasons, as well as fix and build fence, help gather and work our cattle. They know the ranch and our routine and take it seriously.

Cropped and shot with a Canon 100-400mm zoom, I should have known the girls were separately counting cows and calves to make sure everyone was present and accounted for—it’s part of our job when we feed. But at 300 yards away, I took the photo for a different aesthetic. With the photo enlarged, imagine my pride, and my relief, knowing the girls are getting the job done right, and that the ranch can get along fine without me being a part of every single thing. Now that’s a treat.


Weekly Photo Challenge (2): “Treat”


7 responses to “Present and Accounted For

  1. John, this truly is the best interpretation of this week’s photo challenge.

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  2. A treat indeed. I’ll bet a feeling of pride in the ladies for what you have taught, and a certain amount of lose. No doubt the drive on the rough roads will become less comfortable as springs and shocks don’t seem to do the job they used to.

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  3. A treat and a blessing. It’s all good, John. It’s all good.

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  4. Yes… a treat indeed!! I’m with you on the knees… mine are almost gone too. One to rugby many years ago, one to the last job! Life! 😉


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