Fence posts and barbed wire:
obstacles for honest people,
may their tribe increase.




7 responses to “BEYOND LOCKS

  1. Thanksgiving is coming 😉

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  2. I knew you were.

    We can, and do, have an impact here and have watched the turkeys establish themselves in the riparian along the creek between our irrigated pastures over the past few years from a couple of hens and a roving tom to a couple of bunches of youngsters. The toms have begun to spar elsewhere on the ranch and the older hens keep to themselves right now.

    Fun keeping track of all the wildlife, indeed a wonder!


  3. Peter Notehelfer

    To live in community with creation is the divine design;
    To live in competition with it is but human folly . . .

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    • Delightful quote! Is that your pen?

      And one would think we would be reminded of this truth everywhere we look, but alas, we have not learned to see… in far too many cases.


  4. They are sure growing. I love to see a “turkey tree” after they have roosted for the night or before desending in the predawn light. Nothing like hearing a tom gobble and strut his stuff in the spring. Your pastures no doubt ideal.
    May they continue to multiply.

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