The coincidence is just too much to ignore. A few days ago on my daughter’s blog ‘for the archives’, she demonstrated how her husband raises worms and collects their castings by utilizing the scraps and trash as an example of a very ‘artful function’ that is inspiring.

Wednesday morning, Robbin went to our container garden to see if her broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce seeds had germinated yet. Our drip system has been set for longer days and 100+ degrees, and one container received too much water bringing hundreds of baby worms to the surface. Now if we just could figure a way to ship them to Kauai.


4 responses to “Worms

  1. Janice Gilbertson

    Now, That is a lot of worms! Many years ago my husband tried to raise worms here where we live. Started out great, but I think it just became too hot for them. We wet them, we fed them and they still left us.

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  2. So why send them to Hawai? They look like they are well set up for themselves. In Tasmania a farmer who ran cattle on mountain pastures aerial broadcast worm eggs in places that were inaccesible and increased his fertility dramatically. Have a look at http://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/1505338/lowdown-on-earthworms/

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    • Thanks for the informative link. We’d only ship them to Kauai to help out the kids, an impractical joke, really. Enough have escaped their container, with more to follow (who gives the marching orders), that we’ll be the beficiaries in other beds of the garden. They ought to be full grown and ready to go fishing by Spring.


  3. Love the synchrony. Dry Crik worms look so different than our Kauai ones. Yours are huge!
    There are earthworms and then there are composting worms (you see, I’m learning this…). The Bohemian works with the composters, and I’d venture to guess these you have are the earthworms. All beneficial to the soil!


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