Rough Fire Update




Rough Fire

95,000+ acres
31% containment
$67 million


6 responses to “Rough Fire Update

  1. Is this affecting you? I’m sure your air is horrendous…


    • Clearly unhealthy, thick down canyon smoke yesterday a.m. . The fire blew up yesterday on the south west end, sending a tall thunder cell skywards, probably a backfire. As the fire burns up Kings Canyon, most of the smoke is drawn eastward, away from us. But if the south end strengthens with warmer weather, it could be more thick smoke again.

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      • Wow, I feel for you. This year seems to be particularly bad for fires. Most likely from the drought, but still. Every time I have driven to Fresno in the past three months, there has been smoke in the Valley.


  2. I remember when I was a kid there was a fire out the back behind our place. Dad said it was ten miles away but the red glow in the sky stayed there for three weeks. It was sort of accepted. A bit like bad weather. Noe I know different.

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  3. Horrendous fire year. First rains hopefully in November.

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  4. A fire got close enough in Wyoming when we were there or year that we had to evacuate, but it was nothing like this. Heartbreaking!



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