Rafter of Turkeys, Gaggle of Geese



A gaggle of geese (wild or domesticated)



A murder of crows
A parliament of owls
A descent of woodpeckers
A kettle of hawks
A host of sparrows
An unkindness of ravens
A raft of ducks
A party of jays
A skein of geese (in flight)
An exaltation of larks
A charm of finches
A bevy of quail
A covey of partridges
A dole of doves
A murmuration of starlings
A nye of pheasants (on the ground)
A bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
A pitying of turtledoves
A spring of teal
A party of jays



4 responses to “Rafter of Turkeys, Gaggle of Geese

  1. Spotted what I thought were about five geese crossing the road a few days ago, but when I got closer, I saw they were turkeys, right in the suburbs, out for a stroll. I did a post once with a numpty of names (hee, hee) like this. I really think, however, that a poop of geese would be more appropriate.

    Happy Sunday, John, and have a wonder-filled week.


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  2. a tiding of magpies–better to hang out with jays if one is prone to corvids


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