All the snakes in our mind
rise like cobras
from baskets of grass, or

flat heads parting dry stems
moving towards us.
Even the Yokuts tried

to tame them, or at the least
make peace with the dark
agents of the Underground.


5 responses to “BASKETS OF GRASS

  1. John, that first stanza is so evocative. I have thoughts that rise like that sometimes and it can be very difficult to get them back in the basket or get rid of them.


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    • I’ve been rattlesnake conscious all summer, all my life, and have my own evolution of notions involving snakes, perhaps something more universal than we care to consider.


  2. “flat heads parting dry stems” made me think you might be heading towards seed heads.


  3. Caleb Pennebaker

    Rattlesnakes are living proof that white men can both dance and jump despite what popular culture says about us.

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