Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk)


I got out early this a.m. to feed the bulls and change my irrigation water, bringing my camera along to take advantage of the early fall light. A few good photographs to draw upon this coming week for the blog. The Sparrow Hawks were busy this morning, but tricky photographing. Automatic focus is a must as I tried to capture this one in hover mode with my 400 mm lens. I couldn’t help but think of our constant commenter and falconer, Richard, as I was photographing, and include these enlarged (and slightly fuzzy) photos for him.


Weekly Photo Challenge (1): “Inspiration”

13 responses to “Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk)

  1. Would one of these be found in Florida?


  2. Great photos John. Curious as to what 400mm lens you are using? Does it have stabilization?


  3. I have a family of white kites in one of my trees and they are very hard to photograph. When I see them hovering I never have my camera. They seem to know. But they are a wonderful bird.
    I love your kestrels.

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  4. Shite… that’s nice!! I was sporting a 300 mil on Saturday and got 2 buzzards in a tangle. I hope it will enlarge as well as your photos!! Great shots!! 😉

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  5. Thank you John. It’s amazing that you can even catch it in a viewfinder. Looks like you had a pretty fast shutter speed. Now you have to see if you can catch it dropping in on a grasshopper or a mouse.

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  6. We have some kestrels near us, but I haven’t managed to get a shot like that. Incredible. I take them when they are perched on a ledge or soaring through the sky. Wonderful birds to watch but difficult to photograph, my hat goes off to you.

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