July dragonflies,
near collisions of color
even in dry times



WPC(1) — “Close-Up”


8 responses to “SUMMER 2015

  1. I have never seen a dragonfly with that much colour on its wings. Magnificent

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    • It seems the closer you get the more color you see, and there are so many different kinds (species) buzzing around this time of year. This one was cooperative, just sitting on the concrete apron of the shop. Usually if you catch one still, it’s in flight again before you get your camera focused.


  2. I had to look again and again in wonder—it looks like it’s on top of a purple iris! Never knew such a dragonfly exists!

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  3. Great shot. Are you using sticky glue on the concrete? 😉


  4. I think what you have here is a single Black saddlebags male, Tramea lacerata, The male will grab a female by the head, then they will adjust their abdomens to be joined.

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  5. Very unusual looking dragonfly- great example 🙂


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