108 Degrees




None of the girls seemed opposed to having a little party yesterday now that our cattle work was done. Allie Fry, who is heading off to Fresno State next week, wanted to learn to rope and Terri Blanke, who coaches the youngsters before the Three Rivers Lions Club Team Roping, is helping her with the basics that evolved into a competition that included Robbin and I. An athletic quick study, Allie surprised us all.

We smoked pork ribs all afternoon, put eggplant and peppers on the barbecue, then put wild blackberries that Allie and I picked after feeding and irrigating in the morning on vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Thank you girls, we got the work done.


4 responses to “108 Degrees

  1. A competition that ends with blackberries and vanilla ice cream sounds like a delicious event. Any kind of activity in 108 degrees must render a body into mush and it’s hard for a northerner to imagine. But the blackberries? I can TASTE those!

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  2. Looks like a busman’s holiday. By the way, it is about 75 degrees here–just sayin’ this might be a good time for you and Robyn to visit!

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  3. I meant to say Robbin!


  4. Imagine the poems and recollections that may spring forth in the future of those berries and ribs. How different eggplant taste grilled outdoors.
    “The time I learned to rope”.
    We’d all do well to keep in mind that we are part of creating memories of others. Few are the presents that are remembered, but the party…always.

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