Beyond each closed gate
another world wild within
the wire we have stretched.



WPC(1) — “Doors”


7 responses to “DOORS

  1. I absolutely love this, and see fences and gates as the doors of the outdoors. And beyond the wire stretched there is an infinity of beauty that we will never really know.

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  2. The only problem I have with these doors is that sometimes they’re stretched so tightly that I can barely, or very occasionally can’t, get enough slack to open them. Very frustrating!


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    • I know. To address that, this one was designed with a pipe lever and chain that runs through a pipe that goes through the oak tree, a screwdriver through a chain link near the lever holds it tight, or removed loosens the gate. What we didn’t figure on was that the sap from the oak tree would freeze the chain in place. It works great in railroad ties, but not live trees.


  3. Seen by some as only a corner post, the mighty oak absorbs the metal of man and boy.
    Silently, it continues to provide shade to those in need, and whisper melodies in the breeze.
    Food and shelter to the homeless and hungry.
    Warmth to the gelid.

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  4. Aw, thank you, John. I’m trying


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