Last evening, a small lightning strike just before, dark half-mile from the house, as monsoonal moisture sailed up the west side of the Sierras. Easily accessible, we count our blessings.




Neighbor Tony Rivas had the fire pretty-much corralled with his shovel by the time I arrived with the skid steer. Another neighbor, Chuck Fry, had the gates unlocked for the CDF insuring we didn’t have to fix fence when the fire was out. Still flashing in the mountains this morning, 0.09″ rain.




11 responses to “Lightning

  1. We had quite a large fire started last night from lightning in W. Palm Beach


    • More like a late July or August monsoonal event, our weather patterns continue to define new extremes, everywhere it seems. This is just the beginning of our fire season, accentuated by four years of drought, at risk until November. All new ground for man and beast.


  2. The central valley where we drove through on the 5 is heartbreaking in its dryness.


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  3. Isn’t it nice to have good neighbors?
    A little pot ash is a good thing but this isn’t the way ya want to get it.


  4. Heard about this from Mr. Ainley…….glad all is well!!


  5. You know why there was moisture, right? I washed my car for the first time in months!

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    • Every time. And we’ve got a couple of dumps (stacks) of hay outside the barn. Every time, but no harm done. Now if we could all get together this fall and wash our vehicles, maybe, just maybe we could break this drought!

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  6. Good thinking John! Sorry, I can participate. The dirt is all that’s holding mine together.

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