Ripe raspberry stain
on a yellow tablet—
one of several waiting
when I got back
from busy somewhere in the heat.

First-year canes producing
delight again and again.
You speak with gestures—
this paper blessed
with remembering.



Happy Birthday, Robbin!!


8 responses to “THIS PAPER BLESSED

  1. John;
    Few things more tasty than a sweet raspberry just picked!
    Happy Monday,

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  2. My mouth’s watering, John.


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  3. Happy Birthday, Robbin! Hopefully John will bake you a fresh raspberry cobbler! Enjoy the day.

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  4. Peter Notehelfer

    I love it . . .

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  5. It’s this kind of thing that make wonderful memories. And happy birthdays, too.

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  6. Indeed, Happy Birthday Robbin!
    Brings back 60 year old memories of 80 feet of boysenberries and a bowl of cream.

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