So many ways to see the world,
all the details waiting near at hand
since we were children, yet

we take the well-worn road
without thinking. I was so sure
I knew the way around the brambles,

but you were there to open doors
when we were rebels, to suppose
other orders at play or work.

Now the bells toll, ravens wait upon
our window sills—we cannot pick
how or when we’ll go—

but where we know by the details
of our destinations. God give you
strength, old friend, to see the best.

                                                      for JCN


2 responses to “OLD FRIEND

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Graceful and full of the promise of hope . . . You are a good friend . . .

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  2. Absolutely beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. I would love to have such words spoken or at least thought, at my end. I care not if there is a gathering, if only a few would give me a thought when out in nature and think, “this is what he loved and was happiest”.

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