Flowers beautiful,
but seeds can kill, or leave you
talking with the gods.




Flower Friday

Datura inoxia


8 responses to “JIMSON WEED

  1. Shape of the leave makes me wonder a bit about the ID, but more importantly, where the heck were you yesterday? Being AWOL affects us too. Heck, I had to go back and read several old post to get my fix. 😉

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    • Thank you, Richard, I think I’ve made the appropriate ID corrections. Sorry to flake out yesterday, just didn’t have it in me, I guess — tuckered out and a bit frustrated with one of my good cameras I haven’t had time to address. I’m afraid that dust has entered its innards, lens looks clean.


  2. Hey, you’re entitled to a break. Actually at our age, can’t help but worry a bit when you don’t show. Just glad you’re OK.That dust inside the camera can be a challenge or expense. Good luck with that.


  3. We’re in Edgemont, SD and that area this weekend and there are no dry criks here right now! So much water that some highways are closed, including into Lusk, WY from here. 🙂



    • I know, Janet. It’s hard to imagine from here where all the prognosticators are talking El Nino, promising rain, little thinking that the opposite of drought is flood, often more devastating and damaging than the dry times.


  4. I love the flower 🙂


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