The boys are on vacation across the creek as we gather to wean our calves from their mothers. With each new bull added to their pasture, primal bellows ring up and down the canyon as they establish a new pecking order since they were last together.

The Mrnak Herefords have been the basis of our crossbreeding program, adding heterosis, or bybrid vigor, to our Angus cow herd. ‘119’, pictured above, has completed his third year of service with every cow in his pasture recently palpated bred, a remarkable accomplishment considering the steep terrain.

Two years ago he broke one his horns in a battle with an Angus bull, two years his senior, that ended tragically for the Angus. Fortunately, we were able to doctor and repair his broken horn. King of our bulls, he still has to prove himself as the recent raw spots between his horns attest.




9 responses to “Bulls

  1. He is one mighty beast!

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  2. reminds me of the joke about the old bull and the young bull…

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  3. Not knowing anything about them, he is a good looking animal and sure doesn’t look like he was ever chased off his feed.

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  4. He’s a big boy, all right!


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  5. I love Herefords! They’re so pretty!


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