I am growing downward,
                             smaller, one among the grasses.

                                  – Wendell Berry (“Thirty More Years”)

I knew when I was young
and proud, I had found my place
on this ground—my limbs

could support me for as long
as they were sound—living
where the work was hard.

I was not afraid of time
and grinned at gravity,
rode the edges of ridges down

behind cattle, shaping me
to fit the landscape
eventually or die.

I scratch among the grasses now,
learn the language of birds
and flowers, the expression

of horses and families of cattle—
all the tattered glories of youth
bent closer to what counts.


15 responses to “GRAVITY

  1. John, this is just beautiful!!!

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    A terrific commentary on Wendell Berry’s verse . . . Not self`referential but self`aware . . . Very fine poem . . .

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  3. That gravity deal is a bitch… Bill

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  4. This one seems so perfect, John. Beautiful and true. Your morning offerings give us such a wonderful start to each day!

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  5. Gorgeous photo, and lovely words. I’m with Bill Jones on the gravity deal. I’m only 5’2″ to begin with.

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  6. I had to return again – I can’t get the picture out of my mind! Outstanding!

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    • Taken yesterday afternoon when we were on the cusp of lightning and thunderstorms up the canyon and on our higher ground, wind churning every direction. Rain too late to do much good for the grass, too little to help our stock water ponds, but it sure felt good nonetheless!

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