Since the bird feeders, the House Sparrows
have run the finches off the beam,
scattered their nest, spending mornings

rebuilding for a week. The male helps,
but would rather fluff his feathers
in the warm first light and supervise.

He packs little twigs and she dry weeds,
long streamers trailing her fluttering
balancing act, treading air before ascending.

Saying nothing, we see ourselves
in these silhouettes, satisfied
and pleased to entertain the gods.


4 responses to “HOUSE SPARROWS

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    fine illustration of ‘the least of these’ as Jesus would have said . . .

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  2. The male Sparrows equate to our politicians.
    Although Sparrows and Finches can be a bit messy, it’s the “Midnight singing Mockingbirds” that refuse to let you sleep that can get my feathers ruffled.

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    • Unable to sleep nights because of their incessant chattering, my sweet grandmother had a two-bit bounty on Mockingbirds when I was a boy. However, the male House Sparrows, I suspect, will pale by comparison to the fluffing we will endure for the next 18 months.


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