Easter 2013

Easter 2013


I made a joke of it:
attending funerals
as the price of survival—

saying goodbye, adios
as their souls ascended
to meet eternity, look

down occasionally
on our plight
of being human

and whisper in our ears.
With no wants,
they must envy

the depth of our passion
and its sensitive
entanglements, our pride

erected and dedicated
for their inspection.
We are never alone.



WPC(3) — “Rule of Thirds”


9 responses to “NEVER ALONE

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Although often lonesome . . .

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  2. Often we make jokes to help us through our own mortality

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  3. Love this one… my dad continues to smile down at me through rainbows… I feel never alone ❤

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  4. Love the image and the poem in perfect combination. Great job!

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  5. Beautiful! Both the poem and the picture!

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