A boy’s bed upon the ground,
I stared at stars and wondered
if I was worth keeping alive

as I slept, if I could trust
the darkness to hold me
safe until morning—

looking up through
all the bright holes
of a rusty bucket sky,

connecting dreams
with a greater light
beyond the night—

I drew lines in the sky,
played dot-to-dot
instead of counting sheep.


8 responses to “AFTER DARK

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    When did they take away our imaginations? Or did we simply trade them in for technical skills? Dreaming is the art of childhood! And its poetry . . .

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  2. And you drew a beautiful picture playing dot to dot, connecting the stars into your dreams.


  3. I love the moon and this photo and the poem go well together as it is true that the moon triggers lots of human emotions.


    • Thanks, Evelyne. We have little time, it seems, to idly contemplate the moon in its phases, or even see the stars with so much light around us. But nights in the high Sierra, one can feel extremely insignificant and unattached from rest of the world to get lost with wonder — I suspect a sense quite common in other cultures of the past, something we may be missing.


  4. Yes imagination is most precious… But how wonderful that technology provides a way to share it. Key is keeping the balance…


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