But traces in quiet fog:
ridgeline of the barn roof,
cold parts of the corral

float in and out of gray
closing in upon our fire—
forms of horses look

for hazy movement
in this fuzzy moment
shut away from hills

and towns beyond, the world
and its miseries. All
we have accomplished near

at hand, close to fading
into nothingness
and I am relieved

of the weight of urgency—
perfectly helpless
to change a thing.


10 responses to “IN A FOG

  1. Great pic and a great description of how a thick fog dictates not only what we can see of our world but of our lives as well and what we will do . . . Love the line ‘and I am relieved // of the weight of urgency’ . . . You’re a terrific poet, John . . .


  2. Wow, talk about an objective correlative. Another really good one, John. Many thanks.


  3. Well done.


  4. Would love to live inside your mind for a day or two. Hey John, have you ever thought of trying your hand at poetry? Bet you’d be good at it. 🙂


  5. Very well done, a great BnW.


    • Thank you and welcome to Dry Crik Journal. The photo was taken in January 2010, back when we used to get rain. The Great Western Divide beyond Dry Creek Canyon socked-in to about 1,500 feet. The contrasts seem to call for B & W.


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