© 2013 Earl McKee Photo

© 2013 Earl McKee Photo


Old men in the branding pen
hope for grace

to find the feel of singing loop
slide between their fingers—

of hoof dance timed and shaped
to catch two feet, slack to dally horn

come tight, as if it were nothing
out of the ordinary.


4 responses to “FINDING ORDINARY

  1. Like Janis Joplin at the keyboard . . . Great picture/Great thoughts . . .

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    • Saw Janis at the Shrine several times, but quieter I think, despite our impromptu hoops and hollers. But there is that place she found on stage to let go and perform with just feeling. Thanks, Peter.

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  2. Yep I saw it today at a branding up in the hills behind La Honda. Beautiful to watch……


    • I suspect a repetitious theme in California foothill grazing ground right now, dependable old neighbors sharing labor in the branding pen. Pleased to have stumbled into a little grace Saturday with an old rope and Robbin’s good horse to take care of me. Haven’t roped so well in years. See you soon.


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