Branding: Belle Point & Flat — 12 photos

We left the point and shoot on the table during the branding, perspectives from several photographers.


First branding












6 responses to “Branding: Belle Point & Flat — 12 photos

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    A picture too is a poem: I can smell the scorched hair from the calf . . . Thanks for that . . .


    • Perhaps it was with a sense of smell that this post lost a follower, I never know, of course. Ours is a foreign vocation to most people, but I appreciate your familiarity and imagination for the branding pen and outside world. You’re welcome 🙂


  2. I am married to Glenda Bequette who is the daughter of Glenn Bequette, and the granddaughter of Leonard Bequette. When we were last in the canyon 35 years ago she was thrilled to see the Bequette Ranch sigh on your place. She was born at the old Stresemann place. I spent many an hour hunting up there when I was young.

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    • I remember your visit when I first began building my house. Your wife confirmed the story about Mr. Stresemann’s demise that Loren Fredrick’s had told me, a grizzly tale of a broken leg and his hogs rooting through the floor boards of his house — a poem I’ve stabbed at several times unsuccessfully.

      Bob, I’m so glad you visited and left a comment. Many things have changed, but the important things have not since you were here. Please give my kind regards to your wife.


  3. Every cowgirl has to start somewhere, even if it is just hanging around the branding pen!

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