Homer Barn



Built to stand beyond
today’s demands, just
a landmark to photograph.




7 responses to “Homer Barn

  1. Thank God for memories!


    • One of several barns built by Carol Homer across from the old Tom Homer residence (no longer standing) on Dry Creek. The wood floor has seen better days, and the mangers for horses have been unemployed for 40-50 years. One of two barns still standing, Carol was a master carpenter. The template of the other was copied twice by my father, but both succumbed to wind storms.


  2. I love old barns, and this reminds me to go out and start photographing more! Carol Homer sounds like an intriguing person.


    • There are some great barns left to photograph. I’m just sorry I didn’t start sooner—a lot have fallen down and a bunch have been removed.


  3. It looks like a boat, I’ve never seen a barn that shape before. Although actually I haven’t seen many barns, in Australia we’d call it a shed – but never with sloping walls like that.


  4. I had forgotten how western barns are cantilevered out to keep the hay dry. Nice shot.


    • Thanks, it was hurried with my Olympus point & shoot while feeding hay. It’s such a unique treasure and I have no photos of it. When the grass greens, I’m coming back with my Canon, work on lighting at different angles. 🙂


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