Happy Birthday, Babe!!




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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Miss Robbin!!!

    We’ve been following your year -bleah- sounds tough. Here’s hoping for some rain!

    We are well. Tom is working in Clatskanie by the Columbia River in a labor job. Hopefully he’ll be done soon and work on finishing our house. I’m ranch sitting with a view.

    I heard from Milton so will send it along.




  2. Carol

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: milton taylor
    Date: June 28, 2014 at 12:10:58 AM PDT
    To: Carol Gamm
    Subject: Re: Poem
    Reply-To: milton taylor

    Hi carol,
    Lovely to hear from you! So very nice to know that Tom’s illness seems to be resolved, great!
    Things are as usual here, a lot of good days and some a bit less than good, but they’re alright as well. I’m still under a barrage of consultants and just as well might I add.
    My sister died from an aggressive cancer in April, she was 11 years my junior which I consider unfair, but I didn’t get a say in it. I had a severe allergy rash at that time which was painful, but in comparison to her condition was not even worth mentioning.
    Dick came over for the Canberra Folk Festival in May and was able to do most of the driving and bag carrying for me so that was excellent. My joints are getting worse, so a nursemaid is handy to have on trips.
    I spend as much time as possible (which is all too infrequent) visiting Roelie and we make what we can with what we are dealt. At least we don’t argue all that much.
    I’ve had a bit of success with written poetry this year, and that is gratifying, it’s nice to be able to put the words together.
    OK m’dear, that’s it for me and my exciting lifestyle. I hope everything is going smoothly for you.
    best wishes to you both.

    On Friday, 27 June 2014 5:58 AM, Carol Gamm wrote:

    Hey Milton, Wrong Carol but still a delight to hear from you. We think of you often and wonder how it goes for you.

    Tom is back working thru the labor union and has no sign of the cancer. He still needs to stay home long enough to finish the house. I’m hoping.

    I’m mostly at home and keeping track of things. I get to ride my horse some and do odd jobs and chase Tom.

    Mike, our son, made a run at getting into world rugby set and got invited but came home. I guess he’s ready to work.

    Again it was a treat to hear from you. I’ll try to write more often.

    On Jun 24, 2014, at 11:22 PM, milton taylor wrote:

    Hello dearie,
    I was just doing some cleaning up on my folders/files and saw this poem which I had vowed to send to you. I may well have done so, therefore pardon me if I have duplicated it. Or my pardons for not sending it – which pardon is applicable.
    Things are as usual – good days/bad days, well, all days are good days some are better than others is all.
    I been everywhere lately. I went to Roelie’s for 2 weeks via Townsville as I think you know, came to Sydney for some tests etc and went back 2 days later for Carmel Dunn’s niece’s wedding at Warwick for the weekend and returned on the Monday for my infusions at Lithgow.
    Did a gig at Soldier’s Point (when you were at Perisher) with Gabby, which was excellent. As it turned out the gig was a bit too far from home a day’s travel all up but my fault, I hadn’t done the distances.
    More appointments in Sydney on the Tuesday and met up with my sister and her partner for a few days sightseeing in the mountains which we enjoyed.
    More recently I went to Katoomba Slam Poetry heat with Greg and found it quite interesting. The format is not structured and is open to opportunism, but maybe that’s the way to go. The crowds are larger than ours which perhaps is proof enough. I was awarded 3rd place and really was somewhat relieved, 2nd would have put me in the State final and I really don’t aspire to go in that direction.
    We did a b’fast at Katoomba last Saturday and 140 people in a pub at 9a.m. was gratifying. A mixture of styles which was appreciated.
    I’ll ring when I get a clear head, hopefully soon. I thought I’d drop in and see you yesterday but the tempest didn’t quite lift me from the ground. Lifted a few dog kennels and bird cages and assorted tanks et al, a handy clean up.
    OK Luv,
    I’ll get back.


  3. Happy Birthday, Robbin!!! A big hug to you. Your garden looks gorgeous!


  4. Laurie and Greg

    Happy Birthday, Robbin! May your new year be your best yet. That garden looks good enough to eat. Keep those photos coming, John. We love spending a little time on Dry Crik every day, even in this awful drought. –L&G


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