How comes it that he wrote a book
                    of five thousand words?

                               translated by Arthur Waley (“Po Chü-I on Lao-tzü”)

“Let them talk,” old Tom Davis said,
“to see what they don’t know.”
has worked well-enough for me—

yet I write incessantly: lay bare
my innocence and ignorance
on recyclable paper no cowmen

dare read. Out here, the approach
to good or bad speaks for itself,
and is remembered—but in between,

the indomitable art on the wing
is humbling and leaves us speechless.
Already, I have said too much.




“Po Chü-I on Lao-tzü”

2 responses to “LET THEM TALK

  1. Love this, truly.

    New chapbook coming soon? Older ones?

    No need to reply. Take care.

    (Or to write in complete sentences, apparently.)


    http://www.jenniferaldridge.com On Apr 24, 2014 7:12 AM, “drycrikjournal” wrote:

    > John posted: ” How comes it that he wrote a book > “


    • JMA, thanks for following so closely. A half-dozen projects are stacking-up to demonstrate my ignorance, on hold until summer/fall after we have moved enough cattle to get by this drought, a severe cut in numbers to fit what we hope this ground can support until it rains again, by October hopefully. Looking at 2 or 3 chaps, an E-book w/ photos and perhaps another perfect bound collection by December to keep me busy.


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