WPC – Signs of Street Life Non-sense


Not a good sign for us that our asphalt connection to the outside world has received more attention during this past year with more non-sense emanating from town, reflective reminders, spaced every tenth of a mile, that nothing ever stays the same.


Shortly thereafter, Dry Creek Road got its first double-yellow line for its initial eight miles to where the pavement becomes too narrow to accommodate a vehicle either side of it, false hope for tourists taking the backway to Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park towing fifth-wheels with no place to turn around. The most recent signage also suggests sharing the road with bicyclists. Tricky business when the latest fine for crossing over the double-yellow line was $350.


Then a white fog line painted on and off the dirt. Thank you Tulare County government, dollars well spent!



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11 responses to “WPC – Signs of Street Life Non-sense

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  10. Your tax dollars at work :-). Who elects these guys anyway?!?!


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