WPC – Threes (2) – Good Guys, Bad Guys?




The sound of a low flying helicopter brought us out of the house, our horses nervous and uneasy. We assume it was looking for marijuana gardens in canyons that have been bone dry since the beginning of the drought.

Camera shy, they avoided the house, then headed to a steep pasture where a 75 year-old man is gathering remnants on a young horse. We worry. The colt would damn-sure blow-up if face-to-face with a helicopter coming over the ridge—damn-sure scatter the day’s work and maybe get someone hurt.

5 responses to “WPC – Threes (2) – Good Guys, Bad Guys?

  1. If you could enlarge the numbers on the side, you could call the tower at FYI…


  2. Might try the FAA for low flying and stressing the herd not to mention could get someone hurt. They can see marijuana patches from higher up. At least they could identify who owns the chopper which might indicate why they were there. They should be advised of the possible damage that could be done. I’m thinking if you make a complaint it will have to be investigated. That said, I’m not sure there are any altitude requirements when not over a city.


  3. Looks like the number is N206SA


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