Déjà Vu


“I’ll take a rain or a calf anytime,” a saying I heard from Amy Hale Auker that I find especially applicable this year, one she heard from an old Texas cowman. And we’ll damn sure take twins as long as the cow can raise them.

While feeding yesterday, we found another set of twins, about a week old, on Top in the Greasy watershed. Looking much the same as 819’s pair HERE and HERE, it appears that 605 will raise them both. A little green showing at 2,400′.

2 responses to “Déjà Vu

  1. Interesting – both sets came black and red. Can’t be identical. Are they same sex?


    • First set, John, a heifer and a bull calf. The heifer would be a freemartin. Not sure about the red calf in this set, but the black calf is a heifer.

      Late calves, in any event, that probably won’t make the replacement heifer sort.


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