WPC: Selfie

WPC: Selfie

My wife and blog-partner Robbin caught me coming off the roof, weak-kneed, after sweeping the chimney. I played with the photo. For more about the Weekly Photo Challenge click HERE

10 responses to “WPC: Selfie

  1. Great photo Robbin and so GLAD you are getting rain. It’s coming down here too. YIPPEE!!!!
    You were sooooooo missed in Elko……..


  2. I like what you did with the photo.


    • Thanks, Sharon, I just played in iPhoto. The real work, of course, was cleaning the chimney, like cattle on a hillside, with one leg longer than the other. I’m tickled that Robbin caught my relief beneath that satisfied and triumphant look. Raining, once more, I look much the same right now. Thanks for following.


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