Easy to be an activist—
to always have an enemy
in your crosshairs, one eye

closed and the other
inside a tube, magnified
without having to look

at anything else, without
having to question what
could have been seen.

You can cry ‘Wolf’
anytime you want, anytime
something close-enough

pops-up, watch everyone run
for a gun to shoot
your neighbor’s dog.

O’ myopic luxury
to not even see
that you just don’t know.

3 responses to “MYOPIC LUXURY

  1. Shirley Kirkpatrick

    Would that these myopic do gooders would read your blog, but, oh yes, their eyes are further occupied! s


    • Oh, Shirley, right you are! But the poem’s for me, to help close the book on this ridiculous chapter. That and the rain may get the job done. Thanks a lot.


  2. Fantastic! This one should be posted to those ridiculous FB sites. It might have to be explained to them, however.


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